Acquisition finance

Additional funding is needed to complete the acquisition

When buying a company, the correct financing structure of the intended transaction is a decisive precondition. After signing the LOI and parallel to the audit, this is the most important challenge.

In addition to the traditional large banks, many new funding providers have entered the capital market. Depending on their size and shape, they can provide the right financing mix.

Advisors from Florijnz are always ready for you

To find a good capital mix, Florijnz goes looking for the right capital providers (equity) and debt financiers. A fairly complex process where many factors are partly determining the right mix. A well-founded investment and financing memorandum is crucial.

It is essential to speak the same language as the capital providers. Whether it is a financial institution or an investor. Florijnz speaks the language of the financier and can translate your (financial) issue well towards the various financing parties.

We take care of this process so that you can get on with your business.

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