Buying a business

Entrepreneurs like to look three steps ahead.

Your business is doing well. You are thinking about the next step, but do not yet want to sell your business. You are thinking about expansion through acquisitions. Would you like to gain more knowledge about this?

Advisors from Florijnz are always ready for you

Bring in external expertise

Buying a business can help your company grow. Growth can be hindered by a tight labour market, because you don't have certain technologies, knowledge or facilities or because external factors have a negative impact on the market. When organic growth is not possible, or not at the pace you desire, there is the option of acquiring a company.

A well thought out strategy

Just buying a company, we do not believe in that at Florijnz. Buying a company must be part of a well thought out strategy, such as a buy & build strategy. A buy & build strategy consists of taking over another company and then incorporating it into your own company.

Lean on the expertise of an experienced consultant

During a takeover process it is important for several reasons to hire an experienced M&A advisor. An advisor can point out potential pitfalls and risks in order to make the acquisition process run as smoothly as possible. We can support you in the acquisition preparation, the formulation of goals, thinking about the best strategic steps to take, the communication with potential acquisition targets and the financial valuation of the company to have a proper basis for when negotiations start. We can also support you during the due diligence, so that you can take over the company with a secure feeling.

At Florijnz we take care of the whole process. We do all this with the aim of completing a successful, but above all sustainable transaction for you.

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