Florijnz guides NDW in the search for Carmine Capital as a partner for the future

A successful project with a festive conclusion

Florijnz has guided NDW in the search for a long-term partner. After a project that started in the exciting Corona period, we can jointly look back on a successful collaboration with a beautiful end result. The press release below is published by Karmijn.

NDW finds partner for the future in Karmijn Kapitaal

Amsterdam, 19 October 2021 - Karmijn Kapitaal and NDW today announce that Karmijn has acquired a minority stake in the manufacturing company. The family-owned company, which has been specializing in transport roller solutions for internal transport systems since 1976, is bringing in the fund to help it grow with increasing market demand. NDW will use the investment to accelerate organic growth by expanding its product portfolio and strengthening its organization.

NDW supplies (motorised) transport rollers, including controllers, that give customers active in the e-commerce, food and pharmaceutical sectors full control over their intra-logistics solutions. NDW also develops various modules and software, enabling a complete solution for the design and realisation of the intra-logistics solution. The demand for innovative and reliable intra-logistics solutions is increasing. With the help of investment fund Karmijn Kapitaal, the manufacturing company wants to meet this demand and accelerate growth.

Operations director Nicole Noorman signs agreement

NDW, founded by Frank Noorman van der Dussen, has experienced strong growth in recent years under the leadership of operational director and daughter Nicole Noorman van der Dussen and commercial director Patrick Sprangers, with long-term relationships being further expanded and an international dealer network being set up. In recent years, son Ted Noorman van der Dussen has led the company from a financial perspective and has decided to take a new direction.

Niels Molewijk, Partner of Karmijn about the recent investment: "NDW is a wonderful family business that has seen many developments in recent years. Under the leadership of Patrick and Nicole, a diverse policy is being pursued, which is in line with our way of doing business and working together. The current market perspective offers many opportunities to which NDW can respond. What is special in this case is that it is our first investment in an industrial company. We have actively sought it out, because we see great opportunities for the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands." Karmijn is taking a minority stake in the company in order, together with the team, to further expand the business and further strengthen its market position.

Nicole Noorman van der Dussen, NDW operational director, says: "From the first conversation, we have had great confidence in working with Karmijn. We appreciate their honesty and role as a sparring partner to accelerate growth in the coming years, allowing us to take the next step in production." Patrick Sprangers, commercial director of NDW, adds: "In recent years we have further strengthened customer relationships, established an international dealer network, and NDW stands for innovation in software and conveyor solutions. With the help of Carmine we can continue this development."

Source: Carmine Capital

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