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The story of Rishi Kartaram from Jeffcommerce

After 25 years in the interactive entertainment software business, Rishi Kartaram started Jeffcommerce in 2017. Jeffcommerce aims to connect the customer and supplier based on data driven algorithms and predictive analytics. Jeffcommerce's data models can determine the ideal delivery performance for both customer and supplier. Jeffcommerce became a fast-growing IT-driven platform in need of growth funding. Florijnzhelped Rishi in the search for growth capital. We asked him about his experience with Florijnz.

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Tell me Rishi, how did you end up at Florijnz?

I already know Hans Minnaar from his time at Fortis in Rotterdam. Back then, Hans and I sat together at the Entrepreneur of the Year dinner organised by EY in 2007. We were both nominated for this and so we got talking. We've stayed in touch all this time. After Hans started Florijnz, he almost immediately helped me attract working capital. After this start we completed many more projects together successfully.

And now in 2020 together again a project for Jeffcommerce. How did this go?

Obviously very pleased. Who can say that in Corona days he raised growth finance without collateral and personal guarantee? There are very few entrepreneurs who can raise growth finance at this time without taking personal risk. The only criticism was the longer lead time, but this was understandable in Corona times.

"It's nice when that trust is already there with the financier because of the years of experience Florijnz has."

Rishi Kartaram – CEO Jeffcommerce

What made you feel really good?

The proper calculation and verification of the forecasts and liquidity budgets based on realistic assumptions. The cooperation with my financial man was essential in this. Thenetwork of a corporate finance consultant is also very valuable. It's easy to switch when additional questions arise. Ultimately it's about mutual trust when you enter into a long-term commitment with a financier. It's nice when that trust is already there with the financier through the years of experience that Florijnz has.

Furthermore, there is by Florijnz really looked at the long term. I really feel that I can continue to build on my journey as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the best thing there is, but the most important thing is that you continue to feel that you are making your dreams come true.

Florijnz is an entrepreneurial financial advisor who understands the entrepreneur and knows that entrepreneurs prefer to work on his or her dreams alone. They remain personal and understand the dynamics of the process very well. I can go on with my passion!

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