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The 3 most important added values of a corporate finance advisor

What is your added value? We get asked this question on a regular basis. And the answer to this question is not very simple. Since 2012 we have completed more than 160 projects: sales and purchase counselling, financing of growth and acquisitions and specialist business valuations. And no two projects are the same. In fact, if we had approached each project in the same way, we wouldn't have completed so many to your satisfaction. So where does the consultant's success lie? In addition to thenetwork of the Corporate Finance consultant, we define three added values:

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The cost of an advisor is recovered at least, if not more

Unfortunately, this cannot always be traced back 1:1, but in some cases it is very clear. Last year, for example, we supervised a so-called bilateral sales process. The intended buyer was already known and an agreement had already been made on a beer mat. In addition to a higher sales price, we made a large number of improvements to the acquisition structure. For both buyer and seller, so that ultimately both had a better feeling about the transaction.

A consultant limits the complexity

The best deals are those that reduce complexity to the essence. An advisor distinguishes the essentials from the ancillary, both rational and emotional. The consultants at Florijnz know what is important and at what stage it should be discussed. When to speed up and when not to. How do you ensure that the buyer remains involved? At what point do you negotiate the guarantees and at what point the results of the book investigation? By discussing matters at the right time, the process will run as smoothly as possible. Why make things difficult when they can be easier?

A team is ready for you

A consultant provides creativity at the right moments

Being creative is the tricky but also the fun part. The average sales process gets stuck 2 to 3 times. Stakeholders often don't know how to proceed at that point. That is when creativity is needed. Pride has to be set aside a little. It is a very important role for the consultants to bring in creative solutions. Creative thinking can lie in the deal structure, in the people (getting the right people to align the clocks) or in a combination of structure and human behavior.

For us, the result and the long-term effects of the transaction are paramount. We don't make things straight that are crooked. We don't promise any golden mountains, but we certainly add value. Ultimately it is important that both parties start the new episode with positive feelings. We cash in on the entrepreneur's passion as if it were our own and are only satisfied when the buyer experiences this passion.

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