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The positioning of my company in the sales process

Presenting your organization to a potential buyer

Whenselling your business, positioning within the market plays a decisive role. It is important that you position your company in such a way that it immediately attracts the interest and curiosity of possible buyers. In a sales process your company is presented to the outside world by the teaser and the information memorandum (IM). In order to paint a realistic picture, these documents are carefully drawn up by your advisor, in close consultation.

Merger and acquisition platforms

There are several ways to introduce your company to the market for the first time. One way is to post an anonymous profile of your company on online merger and acquisition platforms like Brookz or Dealsuite. These platforms areonly accessible to merger and acquisition advisors, so you can still remain anonymous.

Approach potential buyers directly

Another way to introduce your company to the market is through the previously mentioned teaser. A teaser provides an anonymous and concise representation of your company and immediately shows why your company is of interest to buyers and/or investors. This teaser is sent by your advisor to potential buyers. These could beinvestors or strategic buyers. Hopefully, this will immediately prompt the recipient to take action and request more information.

The information memorandum

After any interested parties have had a first look at your company, it is time for the next step in the positioning process. This is the drafting of anInformation Memorandum. This document provides the interested party with an extensive overview of the company. The goal of an IM is to inform the interested party as completely and accurately as possible. In addition, it gives the seller the opportunity to present his or her company's unique strengths and thus determine its position in the market.

Knowledge and expertise

The right knowledge, expertise and an extensive network are of great importance in this process. Florijnz hasan extensive network to ensure that the anonymous profile of your company ends up with the right party, after which our knowledge and expertise are important in drawing up the right qualitative documents.

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