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Florijnz accompanied Jeffcommerce in attracting growth financing

The accelerated growth of Jeffcommerce

Florijnz has established the partnership between Caple and Jeffcommerce. Caple now supports the accelerated growth and development of Jeffcommerce (JC), a highly sophisticated, international and highly focused wholesale e-commerce business. Florijnz has supported Jeffcommerce in the process.Caple has supported the expansion and growth of JC's business activities in Capelle aan den IJssel by providing growth financing of €2,250,000. The loan was provided to strengthen the working capital as a result of the company's robust and accelerated revenue growth.

JC is an advanced data driven supply chain partner that unlocks, optimizes and delivers thousands of brands to e-tailers and brands, including the leading players in the platform economy.

The technological heart of the company is its self-developed Dynamic Optimized Marketplace Model. This enables JC to optimize the fulfillment of large batches of varied demand from major platforms for its member customers. The system is future-proofed using data science to place orders in anticipation of demand, thereby increasing security of supply. An added benefit of this intelligence is the low and efficient inventory requirements for the company and its partners. Due to the high quality of its services, JC has built up a very good reputation as a partner among the e-tail platforms, enabling it to achieve significant growth. This long-term growth financing complements the structure of the required working capital.

CEO Rishi Kartaram commented, ''We are delighted with the collaboration and partnership offered by Caple - JC. Which lays a healthy foundation for further development of our growth and services to our customers''.

In co-operation with our business partner Florijnz Corporate Finance, an 8 year blank loan to JC of €2.250.000 has been arranged. This facility strengthens the working capital and is incorporated in the financing structure of the company. As advisor Florijnz Corporate Finance has accompanied the financing and taken care of the financing plan including forecasts. Also the formal settlement has been taken care of.

Jan Marius Louwerse of Caple International stated:

"This funding to JC is a good example of the supportive role we at Caple are keen to play for successful and ambitious SMEs. In particular for parties who, despite the external circumstances, show that their ambitions can be realised. For a fast-growing, IT-driven trading company like JC, regular bank financing often has to be supplemented in order to realise its ambitions. In cases like this, the joint proposition with BNP Paribas Asset Management offers a lot of added value on top of existing bank financiers (Rabobank)."

Hans Minnaar of Florijnz reacted as follows:

"Financing an internationally oriented trading company is not usually straightforward. Especially not for a fast-growing IT-driven platform specialist like JC who adds significant value through software-driven trade optimization. This requires customization and a sophisticated step-by-step financing in which the various components are perfectly aligned. We have been involved with this entrepreneur and this company since 2006. With this first financing for JC together with Caple we have structured and guided a nice specific solution. The house bank Rabo is also extremely pleased with Caple's connection, so that we have created a sustainable financial construction. The most important thing is that we were able to help a good entrepreneur take a big step forward in his ambition to become market leader in his services in Europe, the Middle East and India."

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