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Florijnz guides 4Launch in acquisition by ACES Direct

Behind the scenes, people have been working hard on it for a while, but the news is finally out. ACES Direct has acquired 4Launch, so all IT issues are now managed by ACES Direct. Florijnz has guided 4Launch in this acquisition.

Guido Raaijmakers was assisted by Florijnz in this exciting journey as an entrepreneur. He looks back on a successful journey.

"I am proud of the acquisition by ACES Direct. This gives us the opportunity to make our strategy towards the B2B even better. I am convinced that from now on things will only get better for those business customers. ACES Direct has more than 20 years of experience in IT and a great track record. "

With the acquisition by ACES Direct, 4Launch is joined by 70 new colleagues who together will provide the best service every day. Florijnz guided the cooperation so that the employees of 4Launch become part of the team of ACES Direct. Through the acquisition, something can be done for the customers on a larger scale.

Florijnz is proud to have made another entrepreneur happy by cashing in on his passion.

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