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Florijnz assists Adchieve in attracting growth financing

Growth strategy made possible by investor

Florijnz has accompanied Adchieve in attractinggrowth financing. Byusing our broad network, the Brabants Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) has positively agreed to work with Adchieve on its growth strategy.

The press release below was posted:

The Brabant Development Corporation is investing in data science agency Adchieve from 's-Hertogenbosch. The agency, located in the building of the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), will use the money to connect new platforms to the software it provides for online marketing. Clients that use the Adchieve software will become less dependent on Big Tech companies like Google and Amazon.

Whereas most suppliers focus on a single online sales channel, Adchieve's software as a service (SaaS) optimises the use of various online platforms such as Google, Facebook and, increasingly, Amazon. Potential buyers on the internet therefore receive an offer fully automatically and at the right time, which exactly matches their specific requirements.

Less dependent

"Our multi-channel strategy is a key competitive advantage," believes Mark van Werven, CEO and owner of Adchieve. "It prevents our customers from being at the mercy of one online sales channel. We use data from one channel to optimize the deployment of ads in the other. In doing so, we outsmart the Big Tech companies. And our customers benefit from that. Because if you become less dependent on one channel, you can play the game much better.

Data Science

Adchieve's software, which is mainly used by clients in the retail and travel sectors, ensures that potential end customers receive a fully automated offer at the right time that exactly matches their specific wishes. Besides automation, data science plays an important role in the development of new algorithms for the optimization of advertising campaigns. In addition to sales data, order data, spider data, inventory data and cost structure data are also included in the optimization.

Innovation strength

"There are several reasons for this partnership with Adchieve," says Robin Franken, investment manager soft tech at BOM Brabant Ventures. "First of all, this investment creates new jobs through rapid growth. In addition, the software ensures that customers can better manage their margins, because they are less dependent on the algorithms of Big Tech companies. This creates a more sustainable online playing field. Adchieve also contributes to the innovative power of JADS and the strengthening of the data economy in Brabant. We are confident that the company is ready for this new growth phase."

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