Growth financing

In order to grow your business, you will likely need additional financing.

There are various financing options. It is important that the financing of your growth objectives is in line with your organization and business strategy. Depending on the business objectives you choose the most appropriate financing mix. Florijnz helps you organize this mix.

We ensure an upward trend

To find the right financing mix, you will need to apply to several parties. Without a thorough and well-substantiated financing memorandum, an application for financing has no chance of success these days.

It is therefore important to speak the same language as the lender, whether this is a financial institution or an investor. If desired, we can support you in drawing up a financing memorandum.

In order to obtain financing, it is essential that you make a good first impression on the financing provider. It is not uncommon for the parties approached to start asking questions based on your submitted financing memorandum.

These questions may seem intimidating to you. We can therefore prepare the answers together with you. The advisors at Florijnz speak the language of the lender. Together we ensure that you get your financing.

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