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How do I make sure I speak the same language as my lender?

The same language builds trust

Dutch banks and lenders are showing their good side in the Corona crisis. They have the means to help entrepreneurs and are putting them to good use. Especially ABN AMRO makes an impression at this moment. All loans under 2.5 million euros will have their repayments and interest suspended for six months with retroactive effect from 1 March. That is of course a very good offer. It gives us time and space to develop plans for approaching the post-Corona world with the right product/market combinations.

Therein lies a challenge: what will happen after the Corona crisis? In addition to the delusion of the day in these coronation times, it is also wise to think ahead. Banks want to know how you are going to ensure that at a later date you can meet your obligations. Florijnz has years of experience with lenders and their approach, so we like to brainstorm with them! We can support you in making business plans, financial models and making forecasts in order to communicate with the lenders as concrete and clear as possible. We speak the language of the financial world, the language of the bank. This way you avoid complicated issues and keep as much control as possible over the situation.

We can help formulate answers to the following questions in the lender's language:

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