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The Florijnz SME Data Science Top 50 report of 2021 is out!

The fastest climbers of 2021

Florijnz carries a warm heart towards the Data Science sector. We find it important to stimulate this sector, organizations have the opportunity to profile to make our society more "data driven". To identify the fast risers in the Data Science sector, we bring out for the third time the "Florijnz SME Data Science Top 50" report.

By filling out the application form above, you will receive the report providing insight into the 50 fastest growing Dutch SMEs active in Data Science. It is a fast growing sector with very positive business results. In addition, despite the exceptionally tight Dutch labor market, these companies have been able to continue to grow in the number of employees.

With this research and report, we hope to give you insight into the dynamics of the Data Science sector. We hope to inspire you in the ways you could possibly strengthen your business operations. The report provides you with clear insight into the rapidly developing players in the Data Science sector and their strategies to distinguish themselves or grow. In addition, we explain the investment climate within this sector.

We hope you enjoy reading the MKB Data Science Top 50 report. Do you want to know what the exact ranking is? Visit the MKB Data Science Top 50 event. More information can be found

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