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Sell your company according to your own script

You remain in control

Before you sell your company, there aremany questions you can ask yourself in order to start the process prepared. But let me quickly reassure you: the route to the final destination does not have to be completely mapped out. In fact: many answers will follow automatically during the sales process.

Nothing is set in stone

You are a unique entrepreneur with your own background and wishes. The process of selling your company can therefore not be cast in a mould. As the director, you decide how the performance begins, proceeds and ends. Do you have a different viewpoint halfway through the process? Then we will adapt the script accordingly. That way, you will be a satisfied seller after the completion.

Law of progressive insight

Selling your company requires time for reflection. It is not surprising that you then have other ideas and take other decisions. We call adjusting the sales process and responding to new insights the law of advancing insight. It defines our working method. Here's an example:

At the beginning of the sales process, our client wanted to sell one hundred percent of his business. Then he gained new insights: the potential buyer was open to a partnership because of the expertise that the entrepreneur had. And our client liked that. In the end, the deal was made and he invested part of the money in his own company. He is now working on further developing and expanding the proposition. A win-win situation for both parties.

At Florijnz you don't feel obliged to do anything during the sales process. Your wishes are central, even when they change.

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