Florijnz is a member of Cornerstone International Alliance, an international network of independent corporate finance consultancies. Through this network we are in direct contact with more than 30 offices around the world giving us access to a huge network of strategic and financial buyers and sellers. Cornerstone has offices in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, India and the Netherlands and is particularly large in the USA (25 states). The network is particularly interesting for testing whether a sale to an American buyer could be a good option. In the coming years the network will expand strongly around the world.

Cornerstone International Alliance

Cornerstone is a network of M&A firms that focus on the 'lower middle market', companies with revenues between €5 million and €150 million, the segment in which Florijnz also operates. This ensures that there is always a perfect match between our clients on the one hand and the buying/selling parties from our network on the other.

Cornerstone is an American-origin network, so we have above-average access to U.S. strategic buyers and investors. In addition, we have access to market information, valuations and sector trends.

Are you considering selling your business internationally or are you curious about international market developments? We would be happy to help you with it. Please contact our team.

In dark blue the countries where Cornerstone International Alliance operates

For more information: Cornerstone International Alliance

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