Our partners


With over 20,000 entrepreneurs, investors and advisors Brookz is the largest acquisition platform in the Netherlands. Since 2007 Brookz has been bringing buyers, sellers and advisors into direct contact with each other through its website and national meetings.

PMP Supervisor

PMP Supervisor ensures that supply and demand of commissioners, supervisors and advisory board members can find each other easily. Relationships of Florijnz can use the Premium Search Service free of charge to find the best candidates for their Board of Advice or Supervisory Board member.

Apples of Oranges

Business marketing agency Apples of Orange supports entrepreneurs with commercial strength, vision, innovative power and convincing communication.

Virtual Vaults

The most innovative, efficient and reliable Virtual Data Room partner. Learn more:

Forward Tax Advisers

Forward tax specialists help entrepreneurs to link their tax strategy to their mission, making it easier to incorporate future changes in tax legislation and regulations.

De Breed & Partners

With De Breed & Partners, Florijnz has developed a program to improve the value of innovation for your business.


Automating management reports reduces the likelihood of errors and lowers your company's risk, which in turn leads to higher company value. DATA KINGDOM provides clear dashboards for better control.

The investors club

The Investors Club organizes informal and informative 'Coffee Tea & Investment' meetings to introduce entrepreneurs to informal investing. All investors in the club are able and willing to invest in good companies that suit them. We share our knowledge, experience and leads to get more and better deals.

Koelewijn & Partners

Koelewijn & Partners advises in franchising. Successful franchising requires a broad orientation, a clear focus and a thorough approach. If franchising is set up and operated properly, this form of commercial cooperation offers economic benefits to all parties.