Lotte Schipperheijn

Lotte Schipperheijn (21) is completing her bachelor's degree in business economics at Tilburg University. During her studies she not only showed academic interest, but she also actively participated in student life by serving a board year as treasurer at the Accountancy and Finance study association. During her final semester at university, she decided to put her knowledge into practice, as a trainee at Florijnz.


As a trainee, Lotte will apply her business economics expertise to various aspects of purchase and sale transactions and business valuations. This not only benefits Florijnz from Lotte's work, but also gives Lotte the opportunity to explore all aspects of the M&A world. This prepares her for a future career in this field.

"At Florijnz, you experience an ideal learning environment because of the commitment to the pathways and the room for personal development. For a curious, driven student, Florijnz is the place to grow and develop in this field."

Lotte Schipperheijn, Analyst @ Florijnz