Rik Boere

Rik is part-time active at Florijnz in the field of strategy, (online) marketing and communication. He also provides other companies in their online needs by supporting them where necessary. Furthermore he is involved in building marketing automation systems with his own company 'DATA KINGDOM'.

Specialist Digital Marketing

Rik has been working in the digital world for years, in addition to running his own business. This gives him a fresh look at the marketing of Florijnz - namely the entrepreneur who wants to be helped. Together with the team of advisors, Rik thinks up how entrepreneurs can be better provided in their information needs. Rik also focuses on personalizing the digital experience so that a connection is created even before contact is made.

"It is important to make all the necessary information available in a relevant way, in a relevant place with a relevant message"

Rik Boere, Marketing Manager @ Florijnz

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Rik BoereMarketing manager