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Timo from amen

Timo is currently studying the MSc Finance at Tilburg University. Since March 2022 he is working as a trainee at Florijnz. In this position he gains work experience within corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. These are the areas in which he specialized during his studies.

Timo provides support in a variety of transactions including purchase and sale processes and business valuations.

An ambitious and dedicated member of Florijnz with a passion for finance and research

His coordinating role enabled the creation of the Florijnz SME Data Science Top 50 report of 2022. Besides his traineeship at Florijnz, Timo works as a writing tutor at the Scriptorium of Tilburg University. Here he supports fellow students in developing their academic writing and research skills.

"The diversity of projects and challenges makes no day the same and allows me to quickly master the Corporate Finance profession."

Timo van Amen, Trainee @ Florijnz

Recent projects from Timo

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Companies sold

Assisting an entrepreneur in one of the most important projects of their life: selling their business.


Guided mergers

To make mergers successful a lot of aspects have to be considered. We have extensive experience with this.


Financing realised

It is important that you speak the same language as the financier. Through our experience we know what you need to pay attention to.


Negotiations done

All our services include a negotiation component. This enables us to come up with creative solutions in every negotiation.


Business valuations done

The objective valuation of a company is carried out using various methods. Together we look at which method suits your situation.


Companies acquired

Buying a business is and always will be exciting. We will help you identify what suits you best.

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