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Value8 acquires majority stake in PIDZ

Florijnz Corporate Finance has guided PIDZ in the sales process to Value8.

Listed investment company Value8 has taken a 60% stake in PIDZ, a platform that brings together supply and demand for independent healthcare professionals. PIDZ responds to two important trends: the increasing demand for healthcare professionals and the flexibilisation of the labour market. Value8 is enthusiastic about the further growth potential and aims to contribute - together with the founders, board and management - to the further development of the company.

PIDZ (the abbreviation stands for Professionals In De Zorg) was founded in 2011 by Ron Simmer and Wichard Fassbender (Fass), both of whom were active in healthcare at the time. They started the company based on their vision that healthcare can be organised better and more healthily, and that healthcare professionals should be able to work in healthcare in their own way - and thus be happier. With the motto 'Connected with care' PIDZ expresses their love for the care profession.

Healthcare institutions throughout the Netherlands regard PIDZ as a reliable partner, strong in solving complex and urgent issues. The online platform mijnPIDZ connects assignments from healthcare institutions to the right healthcare professionals. Quality of self-employed professionals is paramount. The company thus plays a crucial role in the filling of the flexible shell for the staffing of healthcare. PIDZ also relieves the parties in question of their administrative duties.

PIDZ has national coverage with 13 branches (partly franchise) and is particularly active in mental health care, disability care, youth care, nursing, care and home care. The platform has more than 6,000 affiliated self-employed workers in the care sector, many of whom work at various care institutions every day, making it one of the leading parties in this market. In 2020, PIDZ achieved a turnover of 8.9 million euro, the company is healthily profitable. The investment amounts to approximately 10 million euros.

Peter Paul de Vries:
PIDZ is a beautiful growing company with a good DNA. The intrinsic motivation is to make life happier for the healthcare professional and to help healthcare institutions find good professionals. We are impressed by the good management and see plenty of opportunities for further growth. On the cutting edge of healthcare and ICT, PIDZ fits in perfectly with Value8's focus sectors. We have a great deal of experience with flexibilisation of the labour market (for example at HeadFirst Source and Novisource) and we are also active in the care sector (including Kersten Hulpmiddelen and PAVO). We therefore see this investment as a nice addition to our portfolio.

Hetty van Dommelen:
PIDZ has grown rapidly as an organisation in recent years. We are pleased to be able to connect more and more healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. We are proud of our people and the strong IT platform that enables us to continue to grow. PIDZ was ready for a new step to further expand its success, a step we wanted to take together with an investor. In Value8 we have found an investor with experience and guts, who endorses our core values and wants to work with us to further improve healthcare. We look forward to a constructive collaboration and the realisation of our joint plans.

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