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What to do in a shareholder conflict?

A partnership that is under tension

In any cooperation, disagreements sometimes arise, even between shareholders. This is unavoidable. Often, these disagreements can be resolved without too many problems and the cooperation can continue as usual. However, this is not always the case. Disagreements, tensions and/or differences of opinion within the company can lead to good relations coming under pressure. This can endanger the continuity of the company.

An objective business valuation can ensure a fairly distributed departure

When conflicts arise between shareholders, the interests of the shareholders, the company and the enterprise can run high. In cases where the conflict has reached such a level that further cooperation is impossible, one (or more) of the shareholders may wish to sell his or her shares. In this case, it is important that the value of these shares is determined in a correct and objective manner. This can best be done by means of an impartialbusiness valuation. In this way, the departing shareholder is sure to receive what he or she is entitled to.

Objective parties can control the emotions from the process

A shareholder conflict is often linked to emotion, which makes an objectivesales process complicated. That is why a business valuation in a conflict situation requires a proper process, a transparent way of working and a good substantiation of the starting points. This to prevent even more discussions. Florijnz is experienced in the valuation of companies, share packages or specific assets in different dispute situations.

A business valuation requires broad knowledge

The valuation of a company will - as with any business valuation - be based on such things as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and forecasts. In addition, it is important to take a good look at the market in question and its developments. The results of these analyses will be elaborated and substantiated in a valuation report, which describes the correct value of your company.

Unburdening in complex situations

Determining this value is complex and time-consuming. And during your conflict you probably have less attention for that. Florijnz is happy to relieve you, so that you can continue with your daily business as well as possible.

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