Selling your business

Materializing your passion

Let's get one misunderstanding out of the way. We don't just sell your business, we materlialize your passion. Good entrepreneurs are exceptionally passionate people. They take their organisation forward with a remarkable amount of energy and commitment. They should seek the same energy and commitment in their financial advisor. It is important that this passion is recognised, appreciated and reciprocated.

Together we can celebrate

An intensive process

Before you sell your business, there are many questions you can ask yourself to be prepared to start the sales process. But we want to reassure you: many of the answers will follow naturally during the sales process. However, it is important to engage an advisor you can trust.

A personal touch

We understand that you are a unique entrepreneur, with your own background and specific wishes. The process of selling your company can therefore not be cast in a mould. The advisors at Florijnz are happy to advise you on the most important project of your life as an entrepreneur: selling your company.

Our approach

Florijnz provides customized support prior and during the sales process. We facilitate you so that despite intensive guidance, you still feel that you have enough input. Within a predefined scope you ask and we adapt.

We look with you

Connect with us

We would love to talk to you about how we can best materialize your passion.
Hans MinnaarFounder and director