Syncasso: the financing of a merger

The story of Syncasso

Syncasso is a collection and bailiffs organisation that operates differently from other collection agencies. Syncasso distinguishes itself by being committed to very effective communication with debtor clients to ensure that they find the best solution for all parties involved. "It is often thought that people who have not paid need to be put under a lot of pressure. We have the philosophy that customers who don't pay are still customers. And to ensure that they do pay, it is better to start the conversation, understand why someone has been unable to pay and look for a solution," says Michael Brouwer, CEO of Syncasso.

In 2015, the bailiff organisations Groenewegen+Partners and Incassade Nederland had the intention to realise a merger. Part of this merger was also a financial component; different shareholders with various plans, a new financing structure, various bank relationships et cetera had to be combined into a future-proof plan with the right structure to form Syncasso together. For this, Michael came across Florijnz through his network.

Professional with a touch of humour

The contact with Florijnz was easily made. "Florijnz distinguishes itself in such a way that they understand what you want as a customer and the process you're in. They hook up effortlessly, so you really only need one conversation to get on the same page." Michael finds that Florijnz is very strong in keeping information concrete and experiences the services as skilled and professional, with a touch of humor. "Not that it is a humorous profession, but the communication was such that there was always room for a joke. We had quite a few laughs in between, even though the conference call was sometimes late Sunday night".

With Syncasso's transaction, Florijnz has been nominated for the DCFA Deal of the year award 2015

Another of Florijnz's strengths, in Michael's eyes, is their drive to always get things done. "They do not hide from work and are not afraid of complications or bumps. At Florijnz you're dealing with professionals in the playing field to keep control, negotiating, making connections and ultimately only one goal in mind: closing the deal.

Syncasso is one of Florijnz' most satisfied clients. Expectations were met and the goal achieved within the timeframe set. "I would absolutely recommend Florijnz. If someone is serious about a merger or deal, then with Florijnz they have the partner to make it happen.

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