Wim Jaquet Sports: selling the family business during a difficult period

The story of Wim Jaquet Sports

It was the 'Walhalla' for the avid winter sportsman: the sports store of the Jaquet family at the Langestraat in the centre of Amersfoort. A household name in the region and far beyond, with more than three thousand square meters and over sixty years of sports specialties. The decision to sell the family business was therefore a "big step". Florijnz' eye and understanding for these circumstances make that former owner Willem Jaquet has been able to close this chapter well.

"As a 17-year-old boy I went from ten guilders pocket money to thirty employees." In the early eighties, son Willem Jaquet takes over from his father Wim Jaquet, who started the Amersfoort sports business over sixty years ago. The passion for winter sports runs in the family's blood: father Jaquet is a former core team skater on the Dutch team, Jaquet jr. is also a fanatic winter sportsman and competitive skier. In the 33 years that follow, Wim Jaquet Sports develops into one of the finest sport shops in the country.

From surprise to surprise

Due to personal circumstances, however, the realisation comes last year that running the business is no longer a given. Plans for an even bigger business, on the A1 motorway, are put on hold. "I was not 100% fit," Willem explains. "With that you can't start a new story." A good friend who assists him invites him to have a talk with Florijnz.

After the guidance of Florijnz is a fact - Willem must first look at his "mother" - he says looking back he never realized what was involved in the sale of a company. He falls from surprise to surprise. Showing the company in the shop window, arousing the interest of parties and all the fiscal and administrative paperwork: Willem says he could never have done this alone. "The negotiation processes that Florijnz supervises are the Champions League of the business world; I was surprised time and again by the expertise that was needed for this and that Florijnz broadly propagated."

Addition of humanity

This created trust with Willem, something that proved to be indispensable during the entire process. If only because business in the retail sector continues beyond regular office hours; you have to switch quickly. "What really impressed me was the involvement of Florijnz in my personal situation. I could reach them day and night." A blessing, according to Willem, at a time when he expected cold business.

Eventually the Dankaart family from Rotterdam is the new owner of Wim Jaquet Sports, which from then on continues as Daka Sport. These negotiations also have a deeper human layer, when father passed away during the process. The guidance of Florijnz is thus more intensive.

Willem has meanwhile picked up sports again. He also travels far away. "The pressure is off," he explains. "Now that this chapter is closed I am reinventing my time." When asked, he uses his years of experience to support the Dankaart family, the face of the sports specialty store of the future.

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