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The added value of the network of the Corporate Finance consultant

Adding value at the right moment

Everyone often talks about the added value of "The Network", what exactly does this mean if you are planning to sell your business?

You have made the decision: you are going to sell your company. An important step in your life, in which you would like things to go well right away. Mistakes can be made, but preferably as little as possible. There are many questions you can ask yourself before you proceed to sell your business.

One of the most important is: who do I sell my business to? And where do I find this ideal buyer? How do I bring my company to the attention of these buyers, without having to shout from the rooftops that I want to sell my company? Because of course you don't want any unrest among your personnel... In that case it is essential to bring in an external advisor with a relevant network.

Relevant industry and knowledge associations

It is important to be affiliated with relevant industry and knowledge associations so that potential buyers at home and abroad can be traced more quickly. Florijnz is affiliated with the Dutch Institute of Registered Valuators (approx. 400 parties), EAVCA (European valuation experts approx. 2000 parties), Association of Certified Merger and Acquisition Mediators BOBB (approx. 125 mediators), Dutch Corporate Finance Association (approx. 250 mediators) and Dealsuite (closed platform for purchase and sale, active in multiple countries and a very large number of affiliated parties)

Advisors from Florijnz are always ready for you

Relevant advisors

Florijnz is connected to relevant advisors around the merger and acquisition process. These include lawyers, tax consultants, book research specialists, HR specialists and industry specialists. Florijnz has built this network through involvement in over 150 projects in the period 2012-present. The network of Florijnz can always -on an anonymous basis- be involved and/or consulted for specific challenges in future transactions. For example, we may connect you to a specialist who can help youhelps with your strategyOr to automate your management information within anonline dashboard.

Relevant past transactions

Our more than 150 projects have taken place in a wide variety of sectors. A past transaction results in an average of 15-20 parties having been approached as part of this proposition. These parties can be a good starting point for future transactions. Florijnz has above average experience in e-commerce, ICT, Data Science and Healthcare, so we have already been in contact with the relevant contacts.

Relevant contacts with investment companies

Florijnz has developed intensive relationships with more than 50 investment companies in the period 2012-present. We can therefore accurately assess which potential investment company has the best connection with your company: looking at size, sector, stage of life, method of involvement from investor distance, operational connection or personal click. We save you valuable time in the search process and also know the pitfalls regarding negotiation tactics within the (acquisition) process.

Relevant contacts with financiers

Besides the three major banks, there are now many -private- financing companies that can be used by a buyer to partially finance the acquisition. Think of factoring companies (we have experience with about 20 companies) and financiers of so-called mezzanine (Florijnz has strategic partnerships with 4 parties). So we know best what is and what is not feasible as a potential buyer only an acquisition by means of external - partial - financing. We use this know-how in your proposed sale to prevent projects from not going through because they are not fundable.

Experience with the process

We have a complete picture of the M&A market and act as a spider in the web to realize the best for you and your company given the current market situation. With our network we bring the ideal potential buyers into focus. For each situation we then determine the most ideal and intended sales process. This is based on thelaw of advancing insight: based on experience and developments in the sales process, we determine which buyer is best suited to you and your company. This way we determine the optimal strategy and planning for the continuation of the project. You can think of matters such as: What will be the procedure until Closing? When are the indicative bids available? When can we give exclusivity? When do we start the due diligence? And which parts will be taken into account? When must the transaction documentation be ready? And we can go on like this for a while.

After we have identified the potential buyers, we will only share the name of your company with those parties that you evaluate as a potential buyer. Theinformation memorandum, which we prepared earlier together with care, will then be shared with these potential buyers. Thus, together we begin the journey towards cashing in on your passion with the goal of a sustainable transaction: a transaction that both Buyer and Seller will remember with pleasure after the Closing.

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