Florijnz assists VM Logistics in their sale to AIM Group

Florijnz was allowed to accompany Pieter Goevaers and VM Logistics in the search for a buyer. We look back on a successful project in which we were able to help an experienced entrepreneur to cash in on his passion.

How did VM Logistics get started (and thus after exactly 6 years transferred on July 14, 2022)?

After a number of years of being a successful "salaried director", I decided in mid-2014 that I wanted to take over a company. After searching on my own yielded little, I started working with consultants and the Netherlands and Belgium. They were instructed to look for something in 'new economy'.

This is how I eventually ended up at VM Logistics, a logistics provider in a niche market of recycling materials. This fit perfectly with my vision of a circular company. I took over the company on July 14, 2016. The fact that exactly 6 years later, on July 14, 2022, I had a closing dinner with Florijnz completes the circle!

Why did the sale of VM Logistics come up and how was this process initiated?

Probably the field and the growth process of the company (doubling in 5 years) was noticed by various market participants. I was asked several times if I wanted to sell the company again.

Eventually I found out that this kind of conversation was outside my comfort zone and I looked for a professional to guide me. And that's how I ended up at Florijnz Corporate Finance.

How did the sales process go?

At the start of the process, I was issued a clear timeline. The first major step was to collect data for the information memorandum. This document was then used to anonymously approach market participants. Based on a long list and short list, we finally arrived at the buying party.

How did you end up at Florijnz?

From an earlier project, Ronald Bobbe's professionalism has stayed with me. He introduced me to Florijnz. The fact that the company was based in Belgium proved to be a nice extra challenge.

Why was working with Florijnz so enjoyable?

Already during the introduction we had the feeling that with Florijnz we had found a partner who knew exactly how the market worked. During the sales process they guided the conversations.

Especially during the 'difficult moments', it is important that you have someone beside you who can keep calm and who can put things into perspective. After all, it is not just a business transaction, because it also has a major emotional impact. At the same time, business must go on.

What ambition do you have now, by now 2-3 months, after the transaction? 

After signing the sales agreement, I first focused on transferring the company as well as possible. The fact that I was able to win another major customer during that period helped of course.

Sitting at home is not an option. As an entrepreneur, the thought naturally goes in all directions, because a world of opportunities lies open again. I have the ambition to take over another company. As a business economist, expat and entrepreneur I have a broad interest. A company in a niche market or a 'buy and build strategy' could be a nice next step. In any case, I know where to go for guidance.

We at Florijnz are proud and excited to have been able to help yet another entrepreneur cash in on his passion.

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