Sales Preparation

Why is this important?

Florijnz created sales preparation to support you as an entrepreneur in your quest to answer the question "how sales ready is my business?".

One of the most important things at Florijnz we believe is that transactions should be sustainable. A sustainable transaction, is one that both parties still think back on after years with a smile. And for exactly that reason, your preparation is as important as the transaction itself.

Sales preparation leads to a report that tells you to what extent you are ready to take this step.

How does it work?

As with many things, we start with a conversation. We invite you to the office or visit you. Then we'll delve into various topics about your business. To get a better idea of the topics and questions asked, we've listed some examples for you:

  • Financial & Tax, How is your accounting and how might it impact the sale of your business?
  • The Market, is this market you are in growing, shrinking or staying the same?
  • Commercially, how many clients do you have on average and what do they bring in on average?
  • Legal, What is the legal form of your company and how are your internal and external activities defined?
  • Management, Personnel & Organization, how is the management team set up, what is the turnover rate on staff and is everyone familiar with the organizational structure?

Based on the answers and our years of experience in assisting mergers and acquisitions, we will prepare a report.

Would you also like to know in which areas you can make additional preparations before you sell? Wondering if this is the right time to sell?

Want to know more about sales preparation?

We would love to get in touch with you to discuss how we can best serve you.
Hans MinnaarFounder and director


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We would love to get in touch with you to make your sales preparation as possible.
Hans MinnaarFounder and director