Florijnz assisted Microfix in its sale to Eyeti

How did Microfix get started?

Microfix started in 1991 as a relaunch of a division of a larger company. The first branch was opened in Leiden. In the beginning we mainly did motherboard and monitor repairs. A motherboard cost as much as 800 guilders back then, so it was worth it to have it repaired.

The customer base consisted of individuals, computer vendors and companies. A few years later the service package was expanded to include field service, with engineers visiting companies to perform on-site repairs. Today, Microfix has become one of the top companies in the Netherlands in the field of repair and maintenance of IT equipment and employs over 90 specialized employees.

Why did the sale of Microfix come up?

Given my age, I felt it was time to pass the baton to someone else. We eventually got in touch with a prospective buyer and discussed the possibilities of taking over Micofix.

This got me thinking further and I came to the conclusion that this was the right time to transfer Microfix, also given the current market conditions. Through our law firm Borsboom & Hamm, we then came into contact with Florijnz. After getting acquainted, we noticed that there was a good click and decided to go through the process together with Florijnz.

How did the sales process go?

There is much more to an acquisition process than I had anticipated, both financially and legally it can sometimes be very complex. It was therefore nice to be assisted by advisors. This allowed the process to run smoothly. The sales process from start to finish took a total of 3 months, both buyer and seller wanted a quick process. This made it a very demanding process. In the end we are very satisfied with this approach and with the quick result. Without the tight timelines the process could have taken twice as long.

How did you experience the cooperation with Florijnz?

We had set up tight timelines in advance and Florijnz's availability, even outside business hours, meant that the process was not delayed. They were always available and responded quickly when we had a question. In the end, they helped us achieve a nice result that we are very satisfied with.

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