Selling your business

We don't just sell your business, we materialize your passion. You will have many questions, but we will help you formulate the best answer.

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Buying a business

You are thinking about buying a business. But how do you go about it? Florijnz helps you with a structured plan towards a sustainable transaction.

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Business valuation

As entrepreneurs, one of the most important things you ask yourself is of course; what is my company worth?

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Growth financing

It is important that the financing of your growth objectives is in line with your organisation and business strategy. Depending on the business objectives, you choose the most appropriate financing mix.

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Acquisition finance

Additional funding is often required to realise an acquisition. The right financing structure for the proposed transaction can be a decisive precondition. The advisors at Florijnz help you attract the necessary financing.

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Silver meter

The Zilvermeter supports the entrepreneur in the search for the answer to the question 'how ready is my company to sell?

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Employees participation scheme

Do you want your employees to share in the profits or future growth? A participation scheme is often facilitated through a foundation administration office, or STAK for short.

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