Selling your business

Connecting present and future

At Florijnz, we understand that the decision to sell your business is an important milestone and that this choice should be made with consideration. You have passionately brought your company to where it is today and you want to hand it over pleasantly and sustainably. It is important that this passion is (re)recognized, properly portrayed and continued. Selling a business is a complex process that requires complete focus and attention. The professional advisors of Florijnz know like no other how to guide this process.

An intensive process

Before selling the business, there are a number of questions the business owner should ask himself or herself in order to start the sales process well prepared. Many answers will follow during the sales process.

During a sales process, many things come at you, things you may not always have thought about. Precisely at those moments, your advisor provides calm and tranquility. Our experience with these processes means that we know how to guide them optimally.

Our approach

In every process, whether selling, buying or valuing a business, we provide customized services. We provide guidance before, during and after the sales process. Our goal is to facilitate the entrepreneur in such a way that, despite intensive guidance, sufficient input is possible.

We work closely with each other. With our expertise, vast experience and extensive network, we make sure your business is in good hands.

A personal touch

We understand that you are a unique entrepreneur, with your own background and specific needs. Therefore, the process of selling your business cannot be cast in a mold. Our advisors will be happy to provide you with advice during one of the most important projects in your life as an entrepreneur: selling your business.

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Hans MinnaarFounder and director