We don't sell your business, we cash in on your passion.

Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent corporate finance boutique that assists entrepreneurs in buying and selling companies. In addition, we specialize in valuing companies and assisting companies in obtaining or optimizing financing from banks, informals or private equity/venture capital parties. We focus on selling companies with profits from €500,000 or 20+ employees, raising financing from €1 million, and business valuations for organizations of all sizes.

But... Why Florijnz?

  • Recognising a passion
  • Independent
  • Sooner or later: we ALWAYS find suitable candidates
  • Quality
  • Transparent and clear working method
  • Unburdened from A to Z

There areplenty of reasons to choose Florijnz, so what are you waiting for....


Florijnz is known for its personal approach. You are not an entrepreneur like everyone else. You have your own preferences. You have built your business and you want to take further steps.


Every entrepreneur is different. Every industry is different. Florijnz has experience in different industries, as you can read in our cases. Yet we have an above-average experience in different sectors. Examples include Healthcare/Healthcare, ICT/Data Science, E-commerce/Retail and business services.

Team Florijnz

Our promises


"We like to immerse ourselves in your personal wishes and requirements. Our advisors really think along with your personal interests as an entrepreneur. In this way, we always provide tailor-made solutions based on your specific situation."


"We have an extensive network, but only connect you with partners that fit your long term interest. We look for the combination that best suits all parties in the long term"


"Throughout the cooperation with the consultants you will experience complete transparency. We always discuss our approach and the different options. This way, you can always choose what feels best for your situation. Even regarding the invoicing, we are completely transparent: we first send you the timesheet for approval, before you receive the invoice."

Sustainable transaction

"We will always strive for a transaction where Buyer & Seller will still look back on the course of the transaction with satisfaction even after some time has passed. A sustainable transaction in our view means a transaction that is future proof."


"The consultants at Florijnz always strive for quality. They look with precision at the various documents that are delivered, but also in the communication. We use a 4-eyes principle in everything we do. With a business valuation this is even a 6 eye principle."

Added value

"The actions we take will always add value. We strive to recoup, at a minimum, the costs you spend on our services. In most cases, we add more value than we cost. “

We helped our clients with:


Companies sold

Assisting an entrepreneur in one of the most important projects of their life: selling their business.


Guided mergers

To make mergers successful a lot of aspects have to be considered. We have extensive experience with this.


Financing realised

It is important that you speak the same language as the financier. Through our experience we know what you need to pay attention to.


Negotiations done

All our services include a negotiation component. This enables us to come up with creative solutions in every negotiation.


Business valuations done

The objective valuation of a company is carried out using various methods. Together we look at which method suits your situation.


Companies acquired

Buying a business is and always will be exciting. We will help you identify what suits you best.

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Hans MinnaarFounder and director

MKB Data science top 50

Florijnz carries a warm heart towards the Data Science sector. We find it important to stimulate this sector explicitly, giving organizations the opportunity to profile so our society becomes more "data driven". To identify the fast risers in the Data Science sector, we annually publish the MKB Data Science Top 50 report. The exact ranking will be announced annually during the event of which we are proud to be a partner.