About us

"Connecting present and future."

That is our driving force. We connect the present with the future, companies and entrepreneurs with the next phase. We want to truly help companies and their owners move forward. A transaction should add value for all stakeholders. First and foremost for the selling entrepreneur, but also the staff, the buyer and everyone else involved should be behind the transaction.

With a close-knit team of 9 professionals, all experts in their own areas of expertise, Florijnz Corporate Finance is an independent consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in buying and/or selling their businesses.

We also specialize in valuing companies and in assisting with or optimizing financings. This can be with banks, but also with informals, private debt or venture capital parties. We operate here as an independent party.

We focus on (large) SME entrepreneurs with a profit starting at €500,000 and attracting financing starting at €1,000,000. We do business valuations independent of the size of the organization.


We are known for our personal approach. The personal contact we have with our clients is highly appreciated. We operate from a down-to-earth and pragmatic DNA. Every entrepreneur is different with their own wishes and preferences. Here we can very well move with them.


Every industry is also different. We have experience in many different industries. See ourcases.

We have successfully completed above average projects in some industries namely healthcare companies, ICT, and E-commerce/Retail. In recent years we have accelerated and developed extensively in the data science / Artificial Intelligence industry. We have made several nice acquisitions and valuations.

Our promises


We immerse ourselves extensively in the business and carefully prepare a customized process that is fully tailored to the entrepreneur's specific needs.


We act independently of banks, accountants and investors. Therefore, we can choose from a large network of other financiers. In doing so, we always strive for a combination of financing that best suits all parties in the long term.

Sustainable transaction

For us, a sustainable transaction means one that is future-proof. An acquisition that will therefore still be successful five or ten years from now.


In all purchase and/or sales processes we use the so-called four-eye principle and in the case of a business valuation even the six-eye principle. Our advisors check each other's work so that the delivered quality is high.

Added value

By engaging our advisors, your company is choosing security and continuity. In the vast majority of cases, we recoup the cost of our services for you.

MKB Data science top 50

Florijnz is committed to the Data Science sector. We believe it is important to emphatically promote this sector, and to give organizations the opportunity to raise their profile in order to make our society more "data driven." To identify the fast risers in the Data Science sector, we annually release the SME Data Science Top 50 report. The exact ranking is announced annually during the event we proudly partner with.

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We are happy to meet with you to see what we can assist in.

Hans MinnaarFounder and director