Ronald Bobbe

Ronald Bobbe has joined Florijnz Corporate Finance as an Associate Partner in 2022.

Ronald is an experienced and well-known M&A advisor, mainly in the Eindhoven region where he lives.

Florijnz and Ronald have been working together for several years on certain assignments, and have now decided to take that further in a partnership.

Ronald started his career in accountancy (BDO) and has also worked for the Vion Foodgroup as director of Corporate Finance.

His experience in audits is mainly with BDO's larger clients, for whom he was regularly involved in acquisitions.

At Vion, Ronald had a role in the expansion until 2006, where a series of major international acquisitions ("buy and build") took place.

Since 2006 Ronald has been independently active in assisting with purchase and sale transactions for entrepreneurs in the SME sector.

"I have known Hans Minnaar for a long time, and have an excellent contact with Hans, we already consulted together regularly.

I am happy to rely on the knowledge and capacity available within Florijnz, and the cooperation has been very pleasant at the project level for several years.

I am happy and proud that I can now bring my experience and network, plus of course the necessary leads and prospects, and form a strong tandem with Hans and his team."

My adage is: Do what you say, and say what you will do!

Ronald Bobbe @Florijnz

Companies sold

Assisting an entrepreneur in one of the most important projects of their life: selling their business.


Guided mergers

To make mergers successful a lot of aspects have to be considered. We have extensive experience with this.


Financing realised

It is important that you speak the same language as the financier. Through our experience we know what you need to pay attention to.


Negotiations done

All our services include a negotiation component. This enables us to come up with creative solutions in every negotiation.


Business valuations done

The objective valuation of a company is carried out using various methods. Together we look at which method suits your situation.


Companies acquired

Buying a business is and always will be exciting. We will help you identify what suits you best.

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