Our approach to the sales process

Your business sale, our approach

You are going to sell your company. And you would like to enlist professional help to do so.

Every company is different, so every sales process is different too.

Florijnz provides customized support prior and during the sales process. We facilitate you so that despite intensive guidance, you still feel that you have enough input. Within predefined frameworks you ask and we turn.

Our advice focuses primarily on finding the right takeover candidate. Together with you we set up a sales structure that ensures that you gain maximum value from your sold company. During the process we constantly manage where we stand with each other.

After the preparatory phase in which we mainly provide you with strategic advice, we proceed to draw up a time schedule and divide the roles during the process.

After clear agreements have been made, we will actually start working for you.

We make a financial analysis of your company and prepare the financial books. Based on the analysis we can already share with you an indicative value of the sales proceeds. This way you will know what a realistic sales price could be.

Furthermore, we explore what potentially interested parties could be. We will discuss with you which of these we will approach.

We look with you

Market approach

Before we actually approach parties asking whether they are interested in buying your company, we first provide a well thought-out sales strategy, as indicated earlier. We draw up a procedure letter in which we share our approach with interested parties.

In order to preserve discretion in the market and to prevent unrest about possible sales among your staff, we initially provide interested candidates for takeover only with an anonymous profile of your company.

If a potential buyer has a deeper interest in your company, we will have that party sign a confidentiality agreement and only then share your company's information memorandum and procedure letter that we have prepared.

As a matter of course, this is followed by questions from the potential acquisition candidates. We organise and facilitate meetings between the various management teams. This will give you the opportunity to present your organisation to the potential buyer(s).


The parties you have made enthusiastic about your company will make an indicative (non-binding) bid. Based on these indicative bids we will determine with which party (parties) we will actually continue negotiations. A letter of intent will be signed with these party/parties. This ensures that you are dealing in exclusivity. For the purchasing party (parties) this gives a little more grip.

Then the often most exciting part of the sales process begins: the audit. The potential buyer will get a full insight into your company. This includes the financial figures, tax figures, commercial activities, outstanding vacation days, pension plans, intellectual property and other relevant matters.

When there is still interest after the book investigation, we really start negotiating. When a final offer comes out of the negotiations, we can close the purchase agreement.

Together we can celebrate


The end is in sight when the last changes are made to the purchase agreement and it is signed by all parties.

In some cases, mandatory approvals are still required, in connection with cartel formation, etc. When all signals are green, the transaction documentation is signed, the official transfer of the shares.

After the sale, shareholder agreements, management agreements of continuing shareholders and post-payment checks may need to be drawn up.

Post-deal guidance

When your company has been sold and you have cashed in your passion, you have probably completed one of the most intensive projects of your life. It is important that the agreements made during the sale are honoured in the various contracts and continue to be honoured.

It goes without saying that we will also assist you with this.

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