Buying a business

Entrepreneurs like to look three steps ahead.

The business is running well and you are thinking about the next step: expansion. Buying another business can be a good growth strategy.

Organic growth is also an opportunity for growth however it can be hampered by various external factors such as a tight labor market, technological developments, limited knowledge and/or facilities that are lacking.

When organic growth is not possible, or not at the desired rate, acquisition is recommended.

Bring in external expertise

A purchase is also an intensive process. Here, too, the entrepreneur would be wise to purchase expertise and hire an outside advisor. We offer expert guidance and support. For example, we support the entrepreneur in purchase preparation and in formulating strategic goals.

We help think through the best strategy and communication with potential acquisition companies and a business valuation. During the negotiations, we are jointly in the lead. This way we also support you during the acquisition process in the due diligence(the book examination).

A well thought out strategy

An acquisition must be part of a well thought out strategy. A buy & build strategy may be an option. In a buy & build strategy, other companies are acquired and integrated into one's own company. It is a way to accelerate growth. Combining the knowledge and skills of all parties together creates synergy.

Lean on the expertise of an experienced consultant

During an acquisition process, there are several important reasons to hire an experienced acquisition advisor. To make the acquisition process as smooth as possible, an advisor will point out potential pitfalls and risks. We support you in preparing the acquisition and formulating goals. We think along with you about the best strategy, communication with potential acquisition targets and the financial valuation of your business. This way you have the right basis for when negotiations start. We also support you during the due diligence, so that you can take over the company with a secure feeling.

"At Florijnz, we relieve you throughout the entire process. We do all of this with the goal of completing a successful, but most importantly, sustainable transaction for you."

Hans Minnaar

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