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Sell the company? I'm not gonna give up my kid...

One of the most important projects of your life

You are proud! The company, where you are working week in and week out with great pleasure, is like one of your children. Every day you are busy with your relationships, your staff and the market in which you operate. However, you realise that it cannot always go on like this. In your environment you hear more and more the question when you are going to stop working. What are you going to do with your company?

Sometimes the term sale is used. But your heart already aches when you think about it. Handing over all the beauty you have worked on for years to someone else? You know that the day will come. Even if you don't want to think about it now, we advise you to start thinking about that day as early as possible. The best (sustainable) business transfers result from good preparation.

Through extensive preparation we can ensure that the unique characteristics of your company are safeguarded. Florijnz likes to think along with you about the continuity of your company after the sale. We do not want to meet you today and sell tomorrow. We want to help you prepare for the sale, even if it takes years. And that you will think back with pleasure when the process is completed.

At the start of the sales preparation process - better known within Florijnz as the Silver Meter - we can consider the best strategic steps to make the sales process as enjoyable as possible.

Through proper preparation, we ensure that after the transaction you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind, knowing that the culture within your company will remain and your customers will feel as well served as when you were at the helm. Your company is like your baby, but small children grow up. Florijnz helps you with expert advice to let go of your baby as an adult. So you can look back during your retirement on a wonderful period, in which your passion has been redeemed.

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