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Sell your company or continue with positive energy?

What's the next step?

As an entrepreneur you are constantly busy with the next step of your company, but also with your personal next step. There are various conceivable scenarios: securing your pension by transferring part of the value of the company to your private life, continuing as an entrepreneur but striving for a better work-life balance or continuing with full conviction. These scenarios require different actions. However, to cash in, a drastic step is required: you will have to sell your business (or part of it). And things are going so well right now...

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The mergers and acquisitions market is once again at full throttle

When is the right time to sell? That is a question that plays through the majority of entrepreneurs their heads. In the meantime, the economy is once again creating a favourable sales climate. Investors are actively looking for possible expansions of their investment portfolio. The interest rate for financing is low and is expected to remain so in the short term. But if you keep going, you may get a higher return on your business in the future if you can add value to your business model. If you can demonstrate to future investors that there is stable growth in your organisation, this will also be reflected in the selling price.

No one knows what the sales climate will be like in the near future

However, continuing with your business also comes with risks. If you are 100% certain that your business will continue to grow in the coming years, it is a wise choice to focus on proper sales preparation. You canask yourselfa number of questions ortalk to an advisor about how ready your business is for sale.

The Corona period has proven that the sales climate can fluctuate significantly. If growth has slowed down in recent years, this sends a signal to the future buyer. It will be more difficult to convince the investor of future growth if there is stable, steady growth than if there is a sharp increase every year.

The future is uncertain, but together we can find something to hold on to.

Now few entrepreneurs can guarantee a substantial increase, so it is wise to investigate this extensively. Florijnz has extensive experience in guiding entrepreneurs through this process. We can help you by discussing the sales preparation steps in aSilver meter conversation or bymaking a valuation of your company. This can help you decide whether you should sell your business now or continue for a few more years. Because ultimately doing business is and remains your passion. We help you determine when it is time to cash in on this passion.

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