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Doxis: the new passion for Michiel Rijneke

The purchase of a new passion

Florijnz has guided Michiel Rijneke in the purchase of Doxis. Michiel has a new passion!

The following press release has been issued:

After 20 years Doxis bids farewell to director Max Beekhuis and welcomes Michiel Rijneke. Michiel Rijneke is the successor of Max Beekhuis, who has extensive experience in the field of Doxis and can help the organization in its further development.

Over the past 10 years, Doxis has worked with Michiel Rijneke on several occasions. This is why we quickly established a basis of trust when we talked about a possible takeover", explains Max Beekhuis.

Apart from a new face at Doxis, nothing will change for customers. Michiel Rijneke is looking forward to the future and hopes to continue the close ties with clients: "Doxis is a wonderful, healthy company, and at the same time I see opportunities to expand its services even further. There is a great need for high-quality services in the changing area of Information Management within the government. The origins of Doxis go back more than 100 years and on that solid basis we can continue to build and support government organizations in a broad way", says Michiel Rijneke.

"Doxis is a wonderful, healthy company and at the same time I see opportunities to expand its services even further."

Michiel Rijneke is not only experienced in the field of information management and governance, but also in the field of change management within the government. These fields of expertise come together surprisingly often in practice. He expects Doxis to provide additional services in this area. For this reason, his organization Need2Change B.V. will continue to exist as an organization alongside Doxis. Michiel Rijneke also sees opportunities in the areas of data-driven & information-driven work, chain & process management, and education & training. "I am already experiencing a lot of enthusiasm within the organization to take new roads next to and from the existing services and we will definitely do that in the coming years".

Max Beekhuis will remain involved with Doxis for a few more months. Later this year he will retire.

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