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Florijnz guides Cijfermeester in sales

The sale of Cijfermeester to TIM

Last Friday there was a change in the management of CijferMeester B.V. Until 12 November 2021 the management has for years been conducted by the 4 directors/owners. The reason for the change in management is the desire of three of the owners to step back due to their reached retirement age. All three have now reached retirement age and want to enjoy their (more than deserved) retirement. The three gentlemen are not yet out of the picture as they continue to be shareholders of CijferMeester B.V. One of them will also join the supervisory board.

Since mid 2020 there has been an increasing need for the departing management to make way for another management. CijferMeester came in contact with Florijnz through Koelewijn and Partners. Florijnz is a company that has handled many similar successful processes in the past. During the process of "putting CijferMeester in the market" it became clear that there was more interest than expected. During this phase the current board met with the Tilburg Investment Company. After the first meeting it became clear that both TIM and CijferMeester had the same ideas about the office of the future. The proposal for the overall management was also a good fit.

After several meetings the decision was taken on 8 October to continue the cooperation and appoint a new board of directors. The new management was installed on 12 November during a meeting organized by CijferMeester with its franchisees. Based on the initial reactions of the franchisees, the positive feeling is still prevalent and they look forward to the future of the CijferMeester franchise formula with a lot of confidence.

As of 12 November, CijferMeester will be managed by Gertjan Lambooij and Hans Aling. Gertjan is new to the management team and was nominated by the Tilburg Investment Company (TIM). Gertjan will be working on the realization of the office of the future and will support the franchisees as much as possible in the change towards it. Hans has been involved with CijferMeester since 2007, starting as a franchisee and from mid 2008 also active in the daily management. In the new situation Hans will be working fulltime on facilitating the franchise formula.

CijferMeester Next Level

The new management wants to prepare the CijferMeester franchise formula for the office of the future. Namely a modern consultancy which also processes administrations and uses the results to pro actively advise entrepreneurs. After all, a CijferMeester has access to all the data of an entrepreneur and can use modern software to process this data into future scenarios which can then be directly anticipated. Because CijferMeester franchisees have modern and for a large part automated software, accounts can be updated up to the day of yesterday. A reliable set of data. Examples of where a CijferMeester can provide advice include financing the growth of the business, hiring (or firing) staff, identifying bottlenecks in business processes and providing tax advice.

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