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Florijnz assists NBA in acquisition to Sijthoff Media

The acquisition of NBA Opleidingen

The NBA announced in the autumn of 2019 that they were exploring entering into a strategic partnership for NBA Training. They did this under the guidance of the advisors of Florijnz. During the sales process Florijnz has guided the NBA in preparing the sales documentation, finding potential buyers and the negotiation process. It looks back on a pleasant sales process with a nice transaction as a result.

Sijthoff Media is taking over the course offering and the employees of NBA Opleidingen from the NBA. Both parties are also entering into a strategic partnership for a period of three years.

The agreement between the NBA and Sijthoff Media was signed on July 1st. Sijthoff Media may continue to use the name NBA Opleidingen for the next three years. "We are delighted to have been able to transfer our course offerings to a professional and reliable party," said NBA President Berry Wammes. "As part of Sijthoff Media's Advisory Board and Programme Board, the NBA will remain closely involved in order to guarantee the highest quality of training and courses for accountants."

The name NBA Training is known to every accountant and has a high reputation, according to the professional organization. Sijthoff Media's knowledge and experience, particularly in the area ofhigh finance, will ensure continuation and strengthening of the offering. The NBA wants to focus more on knowledge development, knowledge assurance and knowledge sharing than on developing and offering a broad and multiform range of courses.

In addition to the course offering, Sijthoff Media is also taking over the employees of NBA Opleidingen. They are expected to move to their new employer after the summer.


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