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Selling your business: nationally or internationally?

Time for your next step

Every entrepreneur needs once in a while thinking space to identify new ideas and business opportunities. For example, the idea may arise to align your business with a strategic party or grow it further with the help of an investor. An entrepreneur not only needs time to think about this next step. Taking the next step also takes time. An average sales process takes 6 to 9 months from preparation to closing. At this moment the market is extremely suitable for selling, so why not consider taking this step now?

National or international consideration

Another thing to think about: do I want an international or national Buyer for my business? When you are going to sell your business, compiling a list of potential buyers is an important part of the process. An important consideration in this process is the possibility to also approach foreign parties. What considerations play a role here?

We have listed 5 aspects that may play a role in deciding whether to sell nationally or internationally.


Certain sectors are of more interest than others. Sectors for which we currently see a lot of foreign interest: Data Science, Pharma/BioTech, ICT, Medical Tech, e-commerce and propositions that respond to sustainability.


Your company should generally be of sufficient size (turnover/team) to be of interest to foreign players. Criteria depend on the country. Most foreign interest comes from Anglo-Saxon countries.

Transaction documentation

A number of additional (legal) aspects are relevant to foreign transactions. Under which law will a takeover be structured? As a result, more advisors may be involved and the process may take longer.


Our experience is that foreign parties are generally prepared to pay more, but it depends to a large extent on the future synergy. Do you have this in mind?


What prospects do you give your employees? Are there perhaps more career prospects internationally than when selling to a national buyer.

The sale of your company is and remains an exciting process. Going beyond the borders of a country can lead to even more ignorance. At Florijnz we have extensive experience in selling to international parties, so you can rely on our advice.

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