Bart Lips

Bart Lips

Bart Lips is Senior Corporate Finance Advisor at Florijnz. He has a Msc. Finance (Tilburg University) and Msc. Strategic Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Bart has extensive experience in international M&A transactions at an M&A boutique and as M&A manager at a listed company he was responsible for making acquisitions in Western Europe. Bart has extensive experience in sales transactions and has an affinity with the TMT, Industry and Business Services sectors.

Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist | Business Valuations & Takeover Financing

Bart is involved, committed and analytical. With a keen eye for content and a down-to-earth outlook, he enjoys helping entrepreneurs make the big choices that our services bring about. Bart focuses on the long term and on an outcome that all stakeholders are happy with.

"In addition to being able to get the optimal result from the preconditions, the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult aspect of our profession is creating the setting in which buyer and seller can and want to find each other"

Bart Lips - Senior Corporate Finance @ Florijnz

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Corporate Finance projects


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Business valuations performed

Recent projects from Bart

Sales of Emma Solutions

ICT Sales

Sale of Amacom

E-commerce Sales

Business valuation for Amacom

Business valuation E-commerce

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Bart Lips
Bart LipsSenior Corporate Finance Advisor