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Sale of majority share 4orange

4orange sells majority stake to MarketResponse

Florijnz Corporate Finance has again helped to cash in on passion of entrepreneurs within the Data Science sector. The DGA's of 4orange, Marielle van der Zwan & Shantia Farshidzad, have sold a majority stake to MarketResponse International Group. Marielle & Shantia found it important that this was done through a sustainable transaction, making Florijnz as advisor the appropriate party to guide this.

The following press release has been issued:

MarketResponse International Group has acquired an 85% stake in 4orange, a specialist in customer information and marketing infrastructure. With this, MarketResponse strengthens its portfolio and leading position in the Dutch market.

Jorgen Botermans, managing director MarketResponse said, "This acquisition is in line with our ambition to offer a full portfolio of full service marketing services in data science, insights and fact-based consultancy. Following our participation in B2B data specialist RealTime Lead Group at the end of 2019, this is an important next step in realising our strategy."

4orange will continue to offer its services under its own brand, but integrated multidisciplinary teams will be set up in the near future to allow customers to take full advantage of the combined expertise and broad product portfolio.

Shantia Farshidzad, Director 4orange: "Both organizations are experts in the field of data and the translation and use of data for effective business processes and achieving greater efficiency. By combining the data, knowledge and technology MarketResponse and 4orange together form the data knowledge center of the Netherlands. In partnership with MarketResponse, we now also offer our customers fact-based consultancy."

Florijnz Corporate Finance has guided 4orange in the sales process. The M&A boutique from 's-Hertogenbosch has extensive experience in the Data Science sector, so they have been able to guide the process perfectly.

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