Business valuation

Together with your staff you work hard to add (social) value to your company. You are increasingly asking yourself what your company is really worth.

For several reasons it can be interesting to have an independent business valuation made. The most common reason for having the value of your business determined is the intention to sell. A valuation can also take your company further with a possible business succession in the case of a family business. And then there is a legal dispute or a tax issue where Florijnz is called in to make an economic valuation of a company.

A business valuation must be completely objective and transparent. Florijnz is affiliated with the NIRV and can therefore guarantee this.

NIRV is the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Valuators.

We determine the value drivers within your company on the basis of evidence-based calculation models. These determine to a large extent the market value of your company. A business valuation can help you gain insight into how to steer towards a higher return with greater social value.

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Stef Kolen
Stef KolenCorporate Finance Advisor