The Primary Care: the sale of a unifying platform

The story of Jan Erik de Wildt of De Eerstelijns

Over 10 years ago, Jan Erik de Wildt started Eerstelijns, the platform for strategy and innovation in primary care. Market forces in healthcare created a need for organizations in primary care. Traditionally fragmented professionals such as GPs, pharmacists, psychologists and paramedics were forced to organise themselves into structured partnerships. This created a need for strategic and innovative knowledge. De Eerstelijns has responded to this need from day one and provides an overview of all important developments in primary care.

Magazine Primary Care

In 2010, De Eerstelijns even became the association magazine of the branch organisation for first-line organisations. The publication appears eight times a year and is a highly valued medium within the sector.

"In 2018, I decided to sell the platform and the organization of conferences, and focus on other work. But how do you go about that, I wondered aloud? Through my network, I was pointed to Hans Minnaar of Florijnz. At Florijnz they have a lot of experience in valuation and merger and acquisition mediation within the healthcare sector, such as e-health, maternity care and mental health. An appointment was easily made. After a few meetings to get to know the First Line BV, Hans supervised the sale with the support of Marnix", says Jan Erik.

Nothing left to chance

How did the rest of the process go? The energetic entrepreneur continues: "To start with, I really appreciated the personal contact. There is

They actively listen and consciously anticipate the wishes, expectations and possibilities. What also struck me was the process-oriented approach. We work according to a clear and well thought-out route. Nothing is left to chance. You soon get the conviction that you are on the way to a certain outcome. That is a very good feeling, I can assure everyone. It is the tenacity from Florijnz towards the buyers in particular that has led to the transaction."

"It is the tenacity from Florijnz towards the buyers that led to the transaction."

Jan Erik de Wildt - The First Line

Very successful sale and transfer

And how can the sale be characterized? Jan Erik is clear: "It is now 2019 and I can look back on a very successful sale and transfer. The team of Florijnz gets from me a more than sufficient, even a figure 9. It is clearly a team with expertise. Thanks to their expertise I can now focus my energy on new challenges. Challenges that give me even more energy. I am very grateful to Florijnz for that.

Advisors from Florijnz are always ready for you
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