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Data is the new gold; we can cash in on that too!

Being in control creates value

Good sales preparation is about creating extra value. When there is clear insight in the management information, this has a positive impact on the sales price of the company. It is therefore important as an entrepreneur to ensure that you have timely insight into the current status of your business. Your data must be correct, because data is the new gold! already wrote a blog in 2017 about the added value of data analytics within the book investigation process. "Applying data analytics in due diligence processes can bring many benefits. It provides a sharper picture of acquisition candidates, it limits risks, increases long-term value creation and improves the validation of synergies and the valuation of companies" (Source:

At Florijnz we also pay a lot of attention to making data within the sales process correct. Through a 6-eyes principle we check the figures within the valuations and financial chapters in theinformation memoranda we draw up. If there are any discrepancies in the data, we contact the entrepreneur as soon as possible. It is crucial that the data shared with the potential buyer during thedue diligence matches the figures perfectly.

We partner with various data driven organizations to provide the most value to our customers. Florijnz has a partnership with the data university of the Netherlands:Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in 's-Hertogenbosch. We have access to the most current knowledge in the field of data. Through our close collaboration withDATA KINGDOM, we can offer our clients the possibility of automating management information within the sales preparation process by means ofdashboards. This will transform your management information into a value-creating element within the organisation.

But we are also very involved with data in other ways. Having done several projects within the Data Science sector - such as the valuation andsales process around 4orange- we know what is important in the sales process of a Data Science company. This sector is growing, so there is a lot of potential for Data Science companies in the M&A market. We are in close contact with the fast risers within the Data Science industry through our leading role in the reporting around theMKB Data Science Top 50.

At Florijnz, we embrace data in multiple ways. Whether you're an entrepreneur inside or outside the Data Science sector, we'd love to help you cash in on your passion!

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