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The purchase of Immunologic

Bob vd Woerdt proud new owner of Immunologic

Florijnz has guided Bob van de Woerdt with the acquisition of Immunologic. Bob has felt especially well helped around the drafting and the idea behind the acquisition.

The following message was published:

Bob Immunologic

On 1 January 2020, ViMee Holding BV announced the acquisition of the business unit "Immunologic" from VWR International. Immunologic will be incorporated in "WellMed BV" an operating company of ViMee holding. WellMed's capacity and product portfolio in the field of immunology will be substantially increased by this acquisition.

About VWR International: VWR International, has its principal office in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and is a leading distributor of laboratory equipment, supplies, and services to life science and research companies with worldwide sales revenue exceeding $4 billion in 2019.

About the Immunologic products: Immunologic manufactures and distributes reagents to diagnose "abnormal" tissue structures such as those found in tumors.

Bob van de Woerdt CEO and owner of ViMee Holding and WellMed BV: "Immunologic is known as a reliable brand in the international pathology market. The deal fully fits with our business goals to expand our business, production range and manufacturing capabilities.".

The chosen deal structure and the transaction with an American vendor make the deal more complex with regard to differences of opinion. This requires a balanced solution in constructive negotiation, both practically and legally.

The legal settlement of the transaction was an intensive cooperation with the team of Florijnz (corporate finance) and Dirkzwager (lawyers and notaries), involving various expertises that worked together synergistically.

Florijnz and Dirkzwager have assisted the management of ViMee and WellMed during the structuring of the transaction, the negotiations, valuation analyses, due diligence research, final negotiations and closing of the transaction.

Financial details of this acquisition are being kept confidential.

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