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The sale of Advanced Mechanical Engineers

Another passion fulfilled with Advanced Mechanical Engineers

Florijnz is proud to announce that we have been able to cash in on Marcel Schumacher's passion. Marcel has chosen Florijnz to guide him through the sales process of Advanced Mechanical Engineers.


TT-Engineering new owner of Advanced Mechanical Engineers

Effective 28 February 2020, TT-Engineering will become the owner of Advanced Mechanical Engineers (AME), based in Nieuwkuijk. The mechanical engineering firm, with offices in Zwolle, Enschede and Arnhem, has reached agreement with its managing director M. Schumacher on the acquisition of AME. The acquisition of AME is in line with the growth strategy of TT-Engineering. General Manager of TT-Engineering A. Guis comments, "The addition of AME to our organization is a great opportunity to expand and complement our current activities. AME will retain its name and identity and will therefore continue to operate in the market alongside TT-Engineering."

Synergy benefits of the acquisition

Since its establishment in 1988 engineering firm TT-Engineering has specialised in mechanical engineering. Over the years we have worked on many beautiful and challenging projects for clients in the mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy technology and food machinery industries. Guis: "In both good and difficult years, we have responded well to changing circumstances by investing in our professionals with an eye to the future and building long-term relationships. All this has made TT-Engineering a committed partner for sustainable and surprising development in mechanical engineering. AME is centrally located in the triangle 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Breda. Many industrial companies are located in this region. From our offices in Zwolle, Enschede and Arnhem we already did some business in this region, but from AME we will now be able to serve them much more directly. The combination of TT-Engineering and AME also means that both parties will benefit from synergy in the administrative area, a good cross-pollination of knowledge and the ability to take on larger projects. TT-Engineering is experienced in the machine building, automotive and aerospace industries, and AME is experienced in the food and packaging industries. We can complement each other and share our knowledge. The new scale also offers more opportunities to jointly provide thorough training and courses for our engineers. This allows us to create added value for the projects that our clients entrust to us."

Implications for AME

AME is an engineering firm in Nieuwkuijk with 12 years of experience and expertise in the food sector, packaging industry, machine building and transport industry. Guis: "In addition to the transfer of shares, in the coming period we will be looking for possible synergies in the areas of administrative processes, career development of employees and market approach. For our clients, this will mean an expansion of capacity, knowledge and experience. AME remains an independent B.V. Of course, just like TT-Engineering, AME will continue to respond to changes in the technical market". In order to continue to meet the needs of our clients both AME and TT-Engineering will invest in knowledge, skills and solid growth.

Farewell director AME

With the sale of AME, M. Schumacher steps down as director. For the time being Schumacher will remain involved with AME as advisor, to ensure a smooth transfer to A. Guis, Managing Director of TT-Engineering. As a mechanical engineer, Guis went through all the business processes in the supply chain during his career, from engineering and work preparation to having final responsibility for production and project organizations.

Guis: "With the AME employees, I want to work on a basis of respect and trust, facilitating their development by focusing on personal qualities and how these can be used and strengthened as much as possible". His focus for the shorter term is getting to know the employees and their qualities. By connecting with them he aims for a long term connection with AME.

Together we can celebrate
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