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Is your business ready to sell?

Is this the right time to sell my business?

Most entrepreneurs don't immediately think about their succession or selling their business. They are engaged in their passion every day. However, there may come a time when you as an entrepreneur do need to think about the business transfer. Perhaps because of a new phase in your life or because you are ready for a new challenge. Chances are that when setting up your business you were already thinking about a possible sale in the future. When you sell your company, you will reap the benefits of everything you have invested in it. This may be when you retire, but also earlier when there is an interested party who wants to buy your company.

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Is your company adequately prepared for the next step?

A good start is half the battle; this also applies to selling your business. When selling your company, several facets are important. To find out how 'sales-ready' your company is, Florijnz has theSilver Meter. In a conversation of up to two hours we will go through all the aspects that are important for the sale with you, after which you will receive a report on how ready you are to cash in on your passion.

You will receive a report with clear charts and pragmatic advice in which we assess you as a DGA and your organization on ten facets that we see as impactful in a sales process:

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Are you curious about how sales-ready you and your organization are?

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