Romy Wijnhoven

Romy Wijnhoven is Corporate Finance consultant at Florijnz. After her bachelor business administration in Nijmegen, Romy completed her master Finance at the University of Tilburg and started at Florijnz Corporate Finance. Previously she gained experience within the corporate finance branch of an accounting firm. With her background in business administration combined with her knowledge in finance she hopes to help clients as good as possible to cash in on their passion!

Corporate Finance Advisor

The combination of figures, strategy and creativity makes my work challenging and varied. No day is the same and every company is unique. I get a lot of satisfaction when a client is happy with the end result!

"Every entrepreneur has his or her own story. This makes it fascinating to be able to guide entrepreneurs through the entire process."

Romy Wijnhoven - Corporate Finance advisor @ Florijnz

Recent projects from Romy

Sales of Kivido

Childcare Sales

Romy did:


Sales processes


Business valuations


Purchasing processes

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Romy WijnhovenCorporate Finance advisor