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Selling a Child Care Facility

The acquisition market within the child care industry is currently very active. The rising staff shortages on the one hand and the increasing demand for child care on the other are important drivers of the acquisition market. Due to tightness in the labor market, it is difficult for organizations within the child care sector to grow organically. Acquisitions are therefore a good alternative to expand capacity relatively quickly.

Florijnz has gained a lot of experience in both buying and selling counseling within the childcare sector. We have recently assisted in the sale of Plukkebol childcare with a fantastic result. We know better than anyone else what is involved in a sale within the childcare sector. In this blog we will tell you more about the points of interest when selling a childcare.

Type of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Child Care have generally set up their organization from a certain idealism with a vision of how child care should be designed. In doing so, they make a nice contribution to society. In many cases, therefore, more factors than just a good price play a role during a sales process. An important consideration is whether the staff will be well placed after the takeover and whether a potential buyer can continue and expand the company's current vision and strategy. It is therefore important to engage an advisor who looks at the big picture instead of just the price. At Florijnz, a sustainable transaction is always paramount. That is, a deal on which all parties afterwards still look back with a positive feeling.

Value drivers

As with any sales process, it is important to identify the value drivers of the business. Important value drivers of a child care business include the number of child places, the occupancy rate and the staffing level. Since there is currently a scarcity of teaching staff, child care occupancy rate is an important parameter in determining the value of a child care business. The occupancy rate shows how much of the available capacity can be utilized. This looks at the ratio of permanent staff to freelancers hired to achieve this occupancy rate. A buyer prefers to use as few hired workers as possible.

An experienced consultant

An advisor with experience in the industry provides a lot of added value when selling your child care business. An experienced advisor knows the parties in the market and knows where the focal points are during a sales process within the childcare sector. This ensures that both in the preparation during the drafting of the information memorandum and during the market approach, but also afterwards, can be switched quickly.


Finally, having the necessary permits in order is an important aspect of selling the child care business. Often these permits were applied for at the start of the business and ended up in a hidden place somewhere. In order not to delay the process, it is important to get these permits above water in a timely manner or possibly submit a new application to the municipality.

Of course, there are many other factors that play an important role in selling a child care center. Are you considering selling your childcare? Then contact Marieke Klaassen - Van Beurden and inquire about the possibilities (+31 6 55 55 77 85).

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