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How do you find a suitable buyer for your business?

A transaction you will look back on with pleasure

When you decide to sell your company, your goal is of course to find a suitable buyer. A buyer with whom your company and employees are in good hands. A buyer who pays the right price. But what does this ideal buyer look like? What kind of party is this and how do you find this buyer? How do you bring your company to the attention of these buyers without having to shout from the rooftops that you want to sell your company? Of course you do not want to create unrest among the staff. In order to do this efficiently and discreetly, it is essential to bring in an externaladvisor with a relevant network.

Your best bet is to create a list of potential buyers for your business. Your advisor can supplement this list withhis extensive knowledge and network of potential buyers. We will then(anonymously) market your company to the selected potential buyers. After a number of these parties have shown their interest, the potential buyers will sign a confidentiality agreement. Aninformation memorandum about your company is drawn up, which will be sent to the potential buyer together with the relevant peripheral information. From this point in the process we will work towards a smaller selection of potential buyers. It is important for you to make sure that they meet all of the conditions for possibly taking over your company. Do you wanta strategic buyer or a private equity party? You can rely on your advisor to guide you in this choice.

With this selection of potential buyers, so called management meetings can be organized by going around the table with each other. During these meetings both parties can learn more about each other and all open questions can be answered. Through these meetings you get a clear picture of the other party and it becomes clear which party you prefer. We as Florijnz have gone through this process many times. This allows us to support you in all parts of the process and ensure that you find the right buyer. What distinguishes Florijnz is that we always come up with a solution and do not give up if the process is difficult.

With the help of a Corporate Finance advisor who has extensive experience in this area, you increase the chances of finding the right buyer. We as Florijnz can support and guide you through the entire process so that you can focus on the most important issues.

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